Donut Selfies

I'm on a mission to take the worst selfie and find the best donuts.

LaMar's Donuts

LaMar's Donuts 133 McCaslin Blvd Louisville, CO 80027 It's a small chain (maybe 30 locations in 4 states) so I'll let it slide... good donuts and coffee.

Lucky Donuts

Lucky Donuts 565 Dutton Ave San Leandro, CA They sell more lottery tickets than donuts which is a shame because my chocolate raised was great.

Lee's Donuts

Lee's Donuts 5412 San Pablo Ave Oakland, CA Perfectly cooked (nice and crispy) old-fashionable that was let down by the chocolate. Still good though.

Maple Leaf Donuts

Maple Leaf Donuts 2329 S Winchester Blvd Campbell, CA I had a chocolate old fashioned and chocolate raised which were both pretty good. The coffee, per donut shop tradition, was dreadful.

Peejays Donuts

Peejays Donuts Vijzelgracht 37 Amsterdam, Netherlands It's a hipster place with raised donuts with assorted toppings but no chocolate. I had a glazed. Photo by @[1540208203:2048:Kinsey Hartong-Redden]. Thanks!

Bakker Bart

Bakker Bart Lijnbaan 67 3012 EL Rotterdam Netherlands I had a sugar donut. It was that weird cake-raised hybrid, fluffy but dense.

Bob's Donuts

Bob's Donuts 1621 Polk St San Francisco, CA I'm waiting in line.

Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery

Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery 2195 Mission St San Francisco, CA I had a chocolate bar and a chocolate old fashioned; they were pretty good!


Donuterie Náprstkova 215/9 Prague It's a tiny coffee shop and art gallery with donuts. Uber European.

Gilroy Donut House

Gilroy Donut House 703 1st St Gilroy, CA

Moon Donuts

Moon Donuts 1000 Torrance Blvd Redondo Beach, CA I took my hat off in appreciation of their pretty good donuts.

SK Donuts

SK Donuts 607 Pacific Coast Highway Redondo Beach, CA

Donut Bytes Lab

Donut Bytes Lab 12 SW 4th Ave Portland, OR They sell mini donuts by the dozen, so much for committing to 8 bits.

Delicious Donuts

Delicious Donuts 12 SE Grand Ave Portland, OR They lived up to the name. Solid unpretentious donuts.

Voodoo Donut

Voodoo Donut 22 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR I'm still in line. After 15 minutes I had a chocolate old fashioned that, in texture and flavor, was just like a Safeway donut.

Johnny Doughnuts (Truck)

Johnny Doughnuts (Truck) Menlo Park Station My chocolate donut was delicious but overpriced.

Donuts N Things

Donuts N Things Morgan Hill, CA Delicious donuts! Recommend.

Donut Basket

Donut Basket 2105 Old Middlefield Way # B Mountain View, CA 94043

Golden Bell Donuts

Golden Bell Donuts San Mateo, CA

O'Henry's Donuts

O'Henry's Donuts 500 Vineyard Town Ctr Morgan Hill, CA

Pilgrim Kitchen

Pilgrim Kitchen 311 El Camino Real Belmont, CA

Evergreen Donuts

Evergreen Donuts 2844 S White Rd San Jose, CA 95148 I didn't ask how they do it.

Half Moon Bakery

Half Moon Bakery 514 Main St Half Moon Bay, CA More donuts

Nuri's Donuts

Nuri's Donuts 416 El Camino Real Redwood City, CA Really good chocolate old fashioned! Best donuts in the Redwood City area.

Rolling Pin Donuts

Rolling Pin Donuts 429 San Bruno Ave San Bruno, CA

Royal Pin Donuts

Royal Pin Donuts 551 El Camino Real South San Francisco, CA It's got a drive through!

Doughnut Vault

Doughnut Vault 401 N Franklin Chicago, IL

Rollo's Donuts

Rollo's Donuts 602 N 13th St San Jose, CA

Daily Donuts

Daily Donuts 1075 Tully Rd San Jose, CA

Susan's Donuts

Susan's Donuts 1113 Tasman Dr Sunnyvale, CA

Marty's Donuts

Marty's Donuts Sunnyvale, CA

Penny Donuts

Penny Donuts Newark, CA

Lloyd's Donuts

Lloyd's Donuts Fremont, CA

Donut Delite

Donut Delite 732 Willow Rd Menlo Park, CA

Donut Depot

Donut Depot 3383 Middlefield Rd Menlo Park, CA

Valley Donuts

Valley Donuts 851 5th St Gonzales, CA Recommended if you're passing by on the 101. Very good donuts.

Ferrell's Donut House

Ferrell's Donut House 1403 Ocean St Santa Cruz, CA I forgot what I had because I ate them so quickly. They were really good though, I remember that.

O'Henry's Donuts

O'Henry's Donuts 401 E 10th St Gilroy, CA

The Jelly Donut

The Jelly Donut 3000ish 24th St San Francisco, CA I found another one.

Allstars Donuts

Allstars Donuts 399 5th St San Francisco, CA I almost had the perfect chocolate old-fashioned. It was crispy on the outside and soft inside but the chocolate let it down. Still, an excellent showing for $1.

J Georgie's Donuts & Hamburgers

J Georgie's Donuts & Hamburgers 2462 San Bruno Ave San Francisco, CA $1.20 for two donuts? I'll take it!

Dream Fluff Donuts

Dream Fluff Donuts Berkeley, CA Since 1940. I like that kind of pedigree in my donuts. They were excellent. Highly recommend for diner atmosphere and good donuts.

King Pin Donuts

King Pin Donuts 2521 Durant Ave Berkeley, CA

Sweet Passion Bakery

Sweet Passion Bakery 3020 Taraval San Francisco, CA They only make sugar donuts. As far as donuts without chocolate go I give it a "donut I kinda liked".

California Bakery

California Bakery 77 McAllister St San Francisco, CA

Western Donut

Western Donut 2034 Mission St San Francisco, CA

Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts 100 Bush St San Francisco, CA

Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts 1330 El Camino Real Redwood City, CA

I had high hopes for this place. The chocolate raised and cake donuts tasted like bad imitations of Krispy Kreme, which isn't good to begin with.

I had high hopes for this place. The chocolate raised and cake donuts tasted like bad imitations of Krispy Kreme, which isn't good to begin with.

Keans Bakery

Keans Bakery 217 N Walnut St Itasca, IL Charming place by the metra stop. The chocolate cake and chocolate french I had were priced for tourists but tasted great. I was impressed by their french donut: fluffy, not stale, with a crispy exterior.

M Bakery

M Bakery 1527 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL This bakery, which has an excellent Chocolate Bar, is just blocks from my new apartment. #Blessed

Huck Finn Restaurant

Huck Finn Restaurant 3414 S Archer Ave Chicago, IL I'm on a mission to take the worst selfie and to find the best donuts. They have Texas-sized donuts, which, I believe are bigger than those at Dat Donut -- but that's an investigation for another day and another empty stomach. It's just south of I-55 Damen exit and well worth a stop, open 24hrs and the donuts are good.

Dinkel's Bakery

Dinkel's Bakery 3329 Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL I had a chocolate cake and chocolate long john which were soft, rich, very filling, and fairly priced! They use something I'm not used to in donuts, real chocolate. Recommended.

Beavers Coffee + Donuts

Beavers Coffee + Donuts Wabash and Jackson Chicago, IL They sell the mini-style donuts (like Trish's in SF) with a variety of toppings. I got 4 with powdered sugar which lacked that deep-fried crispness I look for in mini donuts but I persevered.

Tag's Bakery

Tag's Bakery 2010 Central St Evanston, IL You can see blue on the right side of my glasses courtesy of refraction. Donuts were ok: Chocolate Long John and French. $2.80 for both.

Gurnee Donuts

Gurnee Donuts 4949 Grand Ave Gurnee, IL I recommend 'em if you find yourself an hour north of Chicago.

Artemio's Panaderia

Artemio's Panaderia 3919 N Sheridan Chicago, IL

Old Fashioned Donuts

Old Fashioned Donuts 11248 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL Great donut shop on the south side of Chicago (112th St). I had a chocolate raised which was the best donut I've had in years, crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy inside, good-tasting chocolate on top...mmm! Ironically, they don't have old-fashioned-style donuts.

Somethin' Sweet Donuts

Somethin' Sweet Donuts 5112 W Fullerton Ave Chicago, IL Donuts were good (all chocolate) and the coffee was not. The chocolate frosting was spread thin but no complaints otherwise.

New York Bagels & Bialy

New York Bagels & Bialy 8794 West Dempster Niles, IL Have you ever had a fresh bagel? It's almost as good as a fresh donut.

Donut Vault (Vault Van)

Donut Vault (Vault Van) Addison and Southport, Chicago IL I had a triple chocolate old-fashioned donut for $2 from the "Vault Van" which wasn't twice as good as other donuts for the usual $1. The problem, I think, is that hipsters confuse fancy with good. There's value in simple things done well. #donutselfie out!

Trish's Mini Donuts

Trish's Mini Donuts Pier 39 San Francisco, CA

Chicago Sweet Connection

Chicago Sweet Connection 5569 North Northwest Highway Chicago, IL Wholesale bakery but all they had for me was a plain cake donut. Despite the lack of chocolate, it was good.

Schlegl's Bakery & Cafe

Schlegl's Bakery & Cafe 3915 W Touhy Ave Lincolnwood, IL This is a German bakery that makes donuts; there was a great selection of donuts. I had a chocolate long john and two chocolate cake donuts. I liked 'em! The coffee was good too -- this goes against my donuts vs coffee theory (they are inversely proportional in quality, ie good coffee = bad donuts) but this is technically a bakery and not a donut shop so my theory still holds.

Dat Donut

Dat Donut 8251 S Cottage Grove Ave Chicago, IL I have a "one and done" policy with selfies. The sun was in my eyes and the sign isn't in the background...oh well. I had a chocolate cake and chocolate long john which came in under $2 and were excellent.

Stan's Donuts

Stan's Donuts 1560 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL In the "hip" Wicker Park neighborhood, these are expensive fancy donuts. The lady in front of me asked about the difference between "glutenless" and "gluten-free" (apparently there is one). Donuts are lousy, coffee is good.

Donuts Donuts

Donuts Donuts Russellville, AR

SLO Donut Company

SLO Donut Company 793F Foothill Blvd San Luis Obispo, CA Close to Calpoly, it caters to the cool kids who eat me! SLO DO CO (pronounced slow-doh-co) is the second 24hr donut shop in SLO. Donuts are great, so is the coffee.

Main Street Donuts

Main Street Donuts 715 E Main St Santa Maria, CA

Anna's Bakery

Anna's Bakery 7018 Market Place Dr Goleta, CA Anna's gets an honorary mention (it's a proper bakery with good coffee) because they have the best donuts in Goleta.

Dolly's Donuts

Dolly's Donuts 1095 Kennedy Way (off Quintana) Morro Bay, CA I think we've established that I can't take a quality selfie. Stay tuned for more facial expressions!

Sunshine Donuts

Sunshine Donuts 195 Higuera St San Luis Obispo, CA Sunshine Donuts is one of two (2!) 24hr donuts shops in SLO. This is the working-man's donut shop, nothing fancy: just donuts and lousy coffee.

Fresh Donuts (Panadería)

Fresh Donuts (Panadería) 1137 Country Club Dr Madera, CA

Donut Factory

Donut Factory 334 Center St Turlock, CA

Donut Time

Donut Time 252 Hwy 246 Buellton, CA Donuts are a buck each, no decaf coffee (that's a plus), locals buy out most of the donuts by 9 am -- the leftovers are still fantastic.

Freshh Donuts

Freshh Donuts 3810 Broad St San Luis Obispo, CA You're not mistaken, there are two "h"s in "Freshh"...I tried not to think about it too much as I ate my freshh donuts. It's an old folks hangout, so you know it's good!

Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts 1455 Market St. San Fransisco, CAOpen late, convenient for SF Symphony or Opera.

Johnny's Donuts

Johnny's Donuts Lafayette, CA Best donuts in the world*! * I grew up in Lafayette.

Chuck's Donuts

Chuck's Donuts 641 Ralston AveBelmont, CA

Sunshine Donuts

Sunshine Donuts80 Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay, CA

Templeton Donuts & Bakery

Templeton Donuts & Bakery Templeton, CA