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  1. Enumerations

    I recently learned about Enums. Here's a fine ChatGPT example which is essentially the content of of Google search result. ChatGPT is like the old internet where you could read text on websites.


    Following is just verbatim output from the following request:

    ➜  ~ llm "give me an example of using …
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  2. It's 2023

    It's been nearly three years since I last posted an article so let's do a check in.

    What's changed?

    1. I'm using Firefox. It's fine -- nothing game changing but I like it.

    2. I adopted the Black code formatter. At first I was hesitant because I liked to tweak my code formatting …

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  3. Old School is New School

    After a few years in tech you notice trends come and go, seemingly faster and faster every year, like tides in the ocean.

    Is everyone who writes code condemned to run on a treadmill struggling to stay in place? In short, yes. Security patches, updates, and best practices are always …

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  4. Approach to Python


    I like to phrase things as punchy commands but it's all just my preference. My personal style is constantly evolving.

    My motto is a twist on the Zen of Python

    If the implementation is hard to understand, it's bad.
    If the implementation is easy to understand, it may …
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