As I write more posts about what I'm working on (or finished, let's say) I'll link to them here.

Donut Reviews

Since 2014 I've been adding to a personal Facebook album called "Donut Selfies". When I visit a new place I look for a mom-and-pop donut shop, try out their wares, and take a bad selfie. I've been to over 100 donut shops all over the world! Click the "Donuts" link to see the website and the code is here. This project was an excuse to learn about CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript.

How Much Wes Anderson?

Have you spent hours scrolling through @accidentallywesanderson on Instagram? Do you think his unique aesthetic can quantified? Well, yes, I did it! Check it out.

It was originally on Heroku and now on Fly. How Much Wes?

The code for it is here.

Running Analysis

I run around 50 miles a week and log those miles on Strava. Sometimes I want to analyze a workout so I made a simple web application on Heroku. It's a Flask app that makes a couple of Strava API calls and renders some plots but there's gold in them thar plots!

running analytics repo

Self-driving RC car

I want to build a self-driving car and compete here DIY Robocars. How hard can it be?


An idea for an autoencoder that will find an embedding for musical tracks for a music recommendation engine. tune2vec


Image Classification Networks

Data Science Notebooks