Rory Hartong-Redden is a data scientist and technically a manager in Boulder. He's worked with lots of data using lots of Python.


My resume is lovingly hand-crafted with LaTeX and stored in my resume repo.



Long Bio

In early 2020 Rory joined the manufacturing startup Fast Radius as a data scientist where he worked in their Chicago office. In 2021 Rory moved to Boulder, where he works 100% remotely, and was promoted to manager as the data science team grew.

In 2018 Rory decided to move from Silicon Valley to Linz, Austria to work at runtastic. At runtastic (now adidas runtastic) he was a data engineer working on data pipelines feeding internal analytics as well as product features.

Prior to joining Runtastic Rory Hartong-Redden was a data scientist at Allstate in Menlo Park, CA. While at Allstate he collaborated with the Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab on autonomous vehicle safety. The project was described in a recent press release and has resulted in several publications.

During the winter quarter of 2015 he was a machine learning fellow at Startup.ML where he built a data pipeline to Bitcoin data and set up a platform to backtest trading algorithms. Unfortunately he did anticipate Bitcoin blowing up the way it did.

Rory earned two bachelors degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. His undergraduate research studied the structure of splashed using stereo high-speed cameras. Rory completed a masters in Mechanical Engineering and continued to work in experimental fluid dynamics where he built a new fluid dynamics experiment that measured fluid motion using a novel computer vision system.