Running Quickstart

This is the second in a series of short articles.

Running is fun, relaxing, a great way to experience the outdoors, and good exercise. There are no shortcuts to getting better, you have to put in the work over months and years. Distance running cultivates long-term planning, consistency, and dicipline -- useful skills applicable to your personal and professional life.

Running Quickstart

  1. Shoes: Go to a specialty running store and get some running shoes. Try on 2-3 pairs, jog around the block, and go with the cheapest and most comfortable pair. Don't overthink it because like haircuts you can always get another.

  2. Clothes: general athletic wear is fine. I ran in my high-school tennis shorts and shirt for years. Running socks are expensive but last forever, consider them optional.

  3. Make a plan: set aside time every week for 2-3 runs of 2-4 miles each. Run at an easy conversational pace. Don't kill yourself out there and don't stretch before the run.

  4. Keep it up: for 3 weeks. Slowly increase the distance of your runs and add an extra day or two. Target 20 miles per week, then 25, then 30.

  5. Have fun!