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  1. Python Environments

    1. Why should I care about environments?
    2. How do I manage environments?
    3. Demo

    Why should I care about environments?

    Suppose you work on two projects, one is old and written in Python 2, the other is new and uses Python 3. The only way to work on this pair of projects …

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  2. Running Quickstart

    This is the second in a series of short articles.

    Running is fun, relaxing, a great way to experience the outdoors, and good exercise. There are no shortcuts to getting better, you have to put in the work over months and years. Distance running cultivates long-term planning, consistency, and dicipline …

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  3. Code for Tomorrow

    This is the first of a series of short articles.

    Code for Tomorrow

    How do you know if your code is good? This is subjective, to be sure, but is clarified by answering a given question which sets the standard by which the code is judged. The most question being …

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